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About us

  • Founded in 2019 by two Filipino best friends who grew up near South Jersey's shores, East Coast Passion, LLC (ECP) became a staple of just recording videos as a creative outlet for Youtube. It soon became an expansion into showcasing exotic foods, traveling, and now having a clothing brand. Our philosophy: To live our passions through purpose as a message to the world. In layman's terms... we only have 1 life. Live life without regrets, take a risk, and dare to fail because failure is part of success. Therefore, we try to go reconnect where it all started from, our roots in the Philippines. We not only want to showcase our products but to motivate and inspire others' passions and dreams and also to leave a legacy for future generations to come. #shway

Our Manifesto

To live everyday to the fullest comes from within. Assess and discover yourself and embrace whatever changes lie ahead. Fear not, to take any risks, for it is all part of the process. Believe it or not, in order to achieve greatness, we must not be discourages by rejection. 

Use it to your advantage by fueling your motivation to redirect your path in life. Incredible strength, unquestionable resilience, and most importantly, patience are qualities not everyone possess. 

Nevertheless, these qualities can transform you into what you envision yourself to be. Stay grounded, be humble, and charitable to others. Never stop learning, growing, and sharing your individuality to the world.

Our Core Values

Lifestyle: ECP is our way of life and the way we carry ourselves with respect and honor leading to our families, communities, and all over the globe. 

Innovation: We don't settle. We're never comfortable and we don't stop innovating. We daring enough to fail and be bold to go out of our comfort zone to keep progressing moving forward and upward. 

Vision: In the ECP culture, be true to our passions and live them with purpose.